Mentors of Reality


The Reality Group surrounds itself with mentors who are titans in their respective industries. We leverage their wealth of knowledge in order to sustainably grow Reality.

team member
Dean Levy
CEO and Founder of Boating International

Dean is a self-made millionaire who found his calling in the marine industry. In the late 90's Dean found himself jobless but not hopeless. He took a leap of faith and with his last few hundred Dollars, started trading used marine craft from a home garage. These were the founding steps to the creation of one of South Africa's largest marine retailers, Boating International. Boating International is a retailer for prestige's brand like Malibu Boats and SeaRay to name a few. Dean also started manufacturing his own brand of craft, Sunsport and Ace Gliders.
Dean is a passionate entrepreneur who knows all about the ups and downs of owning your own business. Dean's ambitions extend beyond commercial success, and he believes in finding balance.
  • Water sports
  • CrossFit
  • Networking
Words of wisdom: “Surround yourself with people who are straighter shooters.”

team member
Russell Duvenhage

Russell is a calculated business owner with a depth of knowledge in the financial services sector. He started Navigate with the goal of offering customers specific solutions based on their unique needs. Putting his clients first, Russell has been able to build his company's offering while growing the business. Russell knows all about volatile environments and how best to mitigate risk while finding opportunity. He's proficient at building long-term success for all stakeholders.
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Extreme Sports
  • Hunting
Words of wisdom: “Find opportunity in the storm of chaos.”

team member
Caryne Duvenhage

Caryne is a role model to aspiring female entrepreneurs. She knows what it takes to build a business from the ground up in a male dominated industry. She founded her insurance brokerage on two key principles - world class service and best value offerings. This ethos is evident in Club Marine and is a testament to its long-term success. Throughout her illustrious career, Caryne has had to learn to find a balance between family, ambition, and self-care. Her insights, formed around life experiences, are invaluable to any entrepreneur.
  • Travelling,
  • Boating,
  • Scuba diving.
Words of wisdom: “Always be teachable, quick to forgive and slow to anger.”
“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde

team member
Brett du Plessis

Brett has a no-nonsense attitude. He loves projects and his goals keep him focused on the big picture. He has vast experience in the stainless steel flange, pipe and fittings manufacturing sector. Brett knows all about the ups and downs of running and expanding a family founded business, while raising a family of his own. He started from the ground-up, helping his dad at the newly formed company over 30 years ago, while studying part time at the University of Johannesburg. He is involved in his community and takes time out of his busy schedule to help guide the next generation with Christ based discipleship. He believes in addressing conflict head-on and finding amicable resolutions at the same time.
  • Keeping fit and healthy
  • Building
  • Raising my boys into men of standing
Words of wisdom: “Don't put God in a box" & "He who dares wins”

team member
Sue Rabie

Sue knows all about hard work and dedication in building a successful career. As a director, she played an integral part in helping build South Africa’s largest privately owned transport company over several years. Sue understands the value of hard work and having a vision, along with a commitment to follow these through. Today, Sue is the co-founder and leader of two successful businesses in the logistics and recruitment industry. She specialises in customer relations and knows how to drive sales off the graph. Sue has a passion for helping women believe in themselves and guiding them to achieve their full potential, encouraging them to follow their dreams for their lives and look beyond their upbringing and their circumstances. She has been a mentor to many individuals over the years and has been instrumental in helping them grow their confidence, achieve their goals, and have the career or business of their dreams.
  • All things Active
  • Being Social
  • Family Time
Words of wisdom: “Stay positive and thankful through all hardships!”