Why Invest With

Reality Company?

Investing is riskier and more complex than ever
There are many creative people out there and someone is always coming up with a new way to try and take your hard-earned money. For instance, by trying to convince you that a digitally coded and pixelated image of someone in a cap and sunglasses, smoking a pipe is worth $7,500,000, just because it exists on a blockchain technology.
We mitigate investment risk
Our market-leading and reputable investment advisors invest in tangible real world productive assets and ensure that investment risks are managed as effectively as possible.
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Meet Reality Company
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No Penalties or Hidden Costs

Life And

Investments Can



We give you back your time to focus on what's important
By appointing market-leading and reputable service providers to actively manage the Reality Group's investments, we give you back your time so that you can focus on what's important to you.
Life is unpredictable
If we've learnt anything over the past two years, it's that life is unpredictable. From pandemics to unjustified invasions of neighboring countries, life can be full of surprises. However, drawing down on your investments when you need money the most can result in significant penalties and hidden fees. This process can also take a substantial amount of time.
We will make withdrawing investment funds easy
Our blockchain infrastructure will allow RLTIs to be transferred almost instantaneously with no penalties or hidden costs. Additionally, in the future we intend to provide RLTI holders with an ability to require the Reality Group to redeem a portion of your RLTIs. This gives you access to your money when you want it.
Our Values

We Are Founded On


We operate with integrity at our core. We will do everything that we can to protect and advance the interests of RLTA and RLTI (collectively, RLTs) holders.
We believe in transparency
We have nothing to hide. All verified RLT holders have the right to information about the Reality Group.
We respect the law
Prior to commencing any business activities, Reality Holdings has been registered as a Designated Business with the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority in terms of the Designated Businesses (Registration and Oversight) Act 2015. We also have a comprehensive ‘know-your-customer’ (KYC) Group policy to ensure that we comply with anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering laws.
We are accountable
We have a duty to ensure that RLT holders’ interests are protected and advanced. We will provide RLT holders with regular updates regarding the Reality Group’s activities.
We are inclusive
At launch, an RLTA will cost £1.10 with the price initially escalating in 15% increments. This means that everyone can be a part of the Reality Revolution.
Making Investment Opportunities Accessible

The Reality Coin Is


The best investment opportunities are inaccessible
The best investment opportunities are inaccessible to the public. For example, private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) investments generally have prohibitively high barriers to entry, with entry-level investments in established funds tending to be more than $20,000,000. As these investments may produce exponential returns, we believe they should form a part of every investor’s portfolio.
We will provide access to the best investment opportunities
Once our operations have scaled, we will use a portion of the funds received from RLTI holders to invest directly in PE and VC investment funds managed by market-leading and reputable firms, providing RLTI holders with access to benefits arising from the best investment opportunities.
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What is the Reality Coin
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Invest With Peace of Mind

Reality Group Is

Registered With A

Regulatory Authority.

Reality Holdings is registered as a Designated Business with the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority in terms of the Designated Businesses (Registration and Oversight) Act 2015. We will also register with additional regulatory authorities as our operations scale.


What is the Reality Group?

We are a global blockchain-based tech start-up in the Isle of Man.

What are we trying to achieve?

We plan to utilize blockchain technology to revolutionize:

  • access to support and funding for entrepreneurs to build and scale their businesses;
  • the traditional concept of ownership by replacing it with digital ownership through blockchain technology;
  • the inaccessibility and complexity of listing companies globally; and
  • investing for everyone, regardless of their bank balance.

What is the Reality Coin (Alpha)?

Reality Coin (Alpha) will be the world's first asset-backed digital token providing its holders with:

  1. exclusive access to:
    1. the world's first digital decentralized blockchain-based stock exchange (Reality Block Exchange);
    2. advice and support from the Reality Group's team of advisors;
  2. a preferential ability to purchase the tokenized equity of the companies listed on the Reality Block Exchange on favorable terms once the required regulatory approvals and licenses have been obtained; and
  3. a unique medium of exchange for like-minded entrepreneurs within the Reality ecosystem.
  4. The Reality Coin contract can be viewed here

What is the Reality Coin (Infinity)?

Reality Coin (Infinity) will be the world's first asset-backed digital token providing its holders with exclusive access to benefits and returns received from the Reality Group's robust investment portfolio containing tangible real world productive assets (both listed and unlisted) managed by market-leading and reputable investment advisors.

Are any companies in the Reality Group registered with a regulatory authority?

Reality Holdings is registered as a Designated Business with the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority in terms of the Designated Business (Registration and Oversight) Act 2015. IOMFSA

Are RLTs stablecoins?

RLTA and RLTI are not stablecoins. As mentioned above, the value of RLTs can increase or decrease depending on several factors - just like any cryptocurrency or stock. However, we've tried to mitigate the extreme volatility inherent in cryptocurrencies by including the Reality Group's underlying investments as a base line for the value of RLTAs and RLTIs. This should prevent RLTs from falling below the aggregate value of the underlying assets of the Reality Group. By doing this, we have tried to provide RLTs with one of the desirable attributes of stablecoins - their stability.

Can you buy RLTs with crypto?

Yes, you will be able to buy RLTs with crypto.

What does the Reality Group do with my money?

We intend to invest approximately 95% of the money that we receive for RLTs in underlying assets. These investments will be managed by independent market-leading investment advisors. The remaining 5% may be used for investing into Reality, operational and organizational expenses and to ensure that the Reality Group maintains healthy levels of reserve funds and liquidity. We will always endeavor to invest as high a percentage as possible of the proceeds received for RLTs in underlying assets.

Have we taken any steps to protect RLT holders?

Yes, a few of these protections are set out in the whitepaper (pg 16) and as the Reality Group evolves, there will be several more protections for RLT holders - e.g. the ability to vote on certain fundamental decisions relating to the activities of the Reality Group.

Is the Reality platform a trading platform / cryptocurrency exchange?

No. We are not a trading platform like eToro or a cryptocurrency exchange.

Why is the Reality Group set up in the Isle of Man?

There are several reasons why the Reality Group has been established in the Isle of Man (ease of doing business; availability of market-leading and reputable advisors; stable economic environment; the ability to structure global operations tax efficiently). We also strongly believe that the Isle of Man is the world's leading and most progressive jurisdiction when it comes to the regulation of cryptocurrency.

What types of Investments will Reality Group hold?

The Reality Group's focus is to ensure stability by initially investing into a portfolio of top listed companies. Once this foundation is established, we will diversify the investment portfolio to allow private equity / venture capital investments, which are traditionally inaccessible to the average investor.

Who comprises the team?

The Reality team comprises of various market leading advisors specializing in corporate structuring, legal and compliance, marketing/advertising, investment specialists, IT infrastructure and blockchain developers.

Is there a minimum investment required?

No, Reality is being created for everyone, irrespective of your bank balance. *Initially, our regulatory approvals only allow RLT’s to be sold to high-net-worth individuals (sophisticated investors).

Why do we call Reality the Revolution?

Reality is challenging the status quo and the very idea of ownership. We are spearheading the revolution of the transference of wealth from the real world into the digital world. We aspire to support entrepreneurs in listing their businesses in a cohesive and cost-effective environment whilst offering investors protection.

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